Once upon a time, a gaggle (flock? pride?) of tipsy, torn-fishnetted, heavily eye-makeupped creative rebel types lived together in a “punk flophouse” steps from Hollywood Boulevard, which they dubbed “Disgraceland.” With hot-and-cold running rock stars and debauchery, the residents had all the fun you never had in the '80s. Finally, key Disgracelanders Iris Berry and Pleasant Gehman present Notes From a Punk Rock Crash Pad, which also features true, or close to true, stories by Chris Bailey, Maggie Ehrig and Annette Zilinskas.

L.A. WEEKLY: Why did you decide to share Disgraceland stories now?

IRIS BERRY: I've been writing a memoir from that time, I've got lots of stories about Disgraceland, along with some other crash pads that I lived in, and of course Pleasant has a lot of stories as well. I started trading stories with Chris Bailey about the Who's Who, and with Maggie about the Oxford House, and it just seemed like a good idea for a reading series. These stories really need to be documented so they don't get lost — it was an amazing time!

Who lived there?

After breaking up with my French rockabilly boyfriend, I moved into Disgraceland in 1984 with all my belongings in a shopping cart. I first slept in a cot in the living room, and then eventually upgraded to the back room, where Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's and Charlene Tilton from the TV show Dallas, at different times, inhabited.

While I lived there, the core residents and guests who became residents were myself; Pleasant Gehman; Mike Martt of Tex and the Horseheads; Laura Bennett, the bass player for the Screamin' Sirens; Bob Forrest of Thelonious Monster; artist Mad Marc Rude, who was my boyfriend for many years; Stevo, the original singer for the Vandals; Chalmer Lumary, bass player for the Vandals; Chuckles Gehman, Pleasant's brother; skaters Tony Alva and Stevo Olson, who both crashed there quite a bit; and the band Poison 13 from Austin, who came for a weekend and ended up living there for a couple of months.

Others who lived and crashed there: Peter Buck, whom I dated for a while, Dave Alvin, Kid Congo Powers, Marcy Baustein, Billy Zoom and John Doe from X, Blasters' Bill Bateman, Howie Pyro and Nick from New York punk band the Blessed, Levi Dexter, who was married to Pleasant in the early '80s, and the Rockats, the Gun Club, Tupelo Chainsex, members of Fishbone, TSOL, Social Distortion, Tales of Terror, Guns N' Roses, D.O.A., D.R.I., Fang, Screamin' Jay Hawkins — and this is just who I remember. The list is endless.

What was the state of the house on a typical Monday morning?

Monday morning meant nothing to us, but since you ask, Monday or any day: vinyl records spilled out over all the floor, a Christmas tree decorated with cigarette butts, garter belts, bras and panties — and it's June. Ironing boards standing erect and blocking the hallway, different-colored cowboy boots and stilettos scattered everywhere, a Dodger Stadium light in the living room, musical instruments, amplifiers and record players everywhere. Records being played at the wrong speed; the telephone is ringing but nowhere to be found; mounds of petticoats and vintage dresses; empty beer cans everywhere; a craps table on the living room coffee table; gig flyers covering the walls; a bust of Elvis on the living room mantle, with an Alice Cooper makeover. And hangers in the dirty dishes. I could go on, but I think you get the picture!

What are some highlights that will be read on the 17th?

Pleasant Gehman and I will be reading about when MTV came to Disgraceland and filmed, and another story about Screamin' Jay Hawkins, among many other stories. Chris Bailey will be reading about how he wound up at the Who's Who, Maggie Ehrig will be reading about life and the differences between both of the Oxford Houses, and Annette Zilinskas will be reading about living at Ellis Island.

What goes through your mind when you see the house these days?

So many fond memories! But it always amazes me how we lived sandwiched so close between an elementary school and a church, with so much illegal activity going on, and we never got busted!!!!

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