The West Hollywood City Council this week moved to block a pot shop, squeezed out of Los Angeles as a result of that city's tough new medical marijuana ordinance, from opening for business within WeHo's borders.

The WeHo News reports that C.A.R.E Collective from Van Nuys stepped into a storefront at in the 7700 block of Santa Monica Boulevard and that the city, which has had a fairly stringent dispensary ordinance of its own that has only allowed four shops to operate, was, until now, powerless to do anything about it.

The city's response was to pass an “urgency ordinance” that makes it a misdemeanor to open a dispensary in West Hollywood without a business license. “Their lawyers said they would open as a pot club,” Jeffrey Aubel, city code compliance manager, told the News.

WeHo apparently has another rogue dispensary on its hands as well — the Sunset Super Shop at 8921 Sunset Blvd. The city has initiated a civil suit against it in an attempt to shut the business down, according to the News.

Meanwhile the West Hollywood City Council is tackling the issue of how to get its four legit shops to comply with new interpretations of California medical marijuana law that argue it's illegal to sell weed for profit in a retail-business environment.

According to the News, the city is going to let the pot shops themselves write an amendment to the city's ordinance outlining new guidelines for adherence to the interpretations.

LA Weekly