Ever miss the good ol' elementary-school days when stacks of pizza boxes would materialize on a classroom table and dozens of grubby, hungry hands would dig in to the carb-and-cheese goodness until all that was left was crumbs? The L.A. Pizza Society lets you relive those days of all-you-can-eat pizza joy (minus the grubbiness, plus grown-up add-ons like education and camaraderie) with their so-called “shindigs” held at various pizza joints around the city. 

Since last November, L.A. Pizza Society has hosted three such events, where attendees arrive at a neighborhood pizza place, mingle with fellow pie hounds, get a hands-on demonstration from the house pizzaiolo and then proceed to grub out on nearly one of everything off the menu. The food is unlimited and the prices are usually around $20. 

So far, the group has taken over DeSano, Olio and Sotto. This Saturday, they will descend upon Prufrock, a haven of bubbly crust attached to The Regent downtown. Because of the venue's size, it will be the biggest shindig yet, and already it's attracting people both young and old from L.A. and beyond. 

The Society's founder Mike Metz — who is a TV writer by day but blogs under the name Unemployed Eater — says he got the idea to host his adult pizza parties after receiving so many suggestions for where to get good pizza. The answer, he says, is all over the place, and includes a number of local gems that many people just don't know about yet.   

“There seems to be a general misperception that all the pizza here sucks,” Metz says. “Are we the most blessed pizza city in the world? Is this Naples West? No. Absolutely not. But we do have some really good joints — and not just Mozza. A lot of people simply don't know where to go.”

L.A. Pizza Society Shindig #4, Saturday, June 27, 2-4 p.m.; $22, tickets available here; Prufrock, 446 S Main St., downtown

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