Tension has been building for years between tourists scrambling up narrow streets and trails to pay homage to the iconic Hollywood sign, and angry residents who thought they'd moved to the surrounding Hills to escape the neon signs and exhaust fumes (and, ironically, tourists) below.

“This neighborhood just wasn't built for this,” the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association told the AP this August. (It also wasn't built for house parties, according to the association. Real groovy place to be.) Which is why we think they'll love the latest glitch in mid-1940s video game “L.A. Noire“:

It's OK, guys. You can play it again. We know how long you've been dreaming about this.

And for extra pleasures, we'll give you a recap: Wandering tourist (well, more like dashing 1947 crimesolver, but as long as we're playing make believe…) tries, with every ounce of cartoonish leg muscle he can muster, to scale the Hollywood hill. But the harder he pushes, the further he loses himself in a strange tourist hell — with sky where the ground's supposed to go, rocks pixelating into obscurity and trees spazzing out overhead.

So, like a good little tourist, he begins to run. But the Hollywoodland sign — and that's actually what it used to say, back in the day — only gets further away, taunting him with its incredible exclusiveness.

Locals only, bitch!

We can only imagine he died out there, that day. And good riddance. That's what he gets for decades of almost running over all the good Hollywood children playing in their driveways and shearing off all the neighborhood fire hydrants. Right, HHA?


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