How would you like it if your stretch of L.A. could join up with the city of Beverly Hills and enjoy that town's great schools, sub-three-minute police responses and smooth-as-a-baby's-behind streets?

Yeah, you'd like that. So would pretty much everyone else in Los Angeles.

Even the folks who live in parts of the city that are globally recognized bastions of wealth — parts of the city like Holmby Hills:

Some residents of Holmby Hills, a section of L.A. that includes the Playboy Mansion and the home of multi-billionaire Donald Bren, want the city of Beverly Hills to colonize their neighborhood.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, they need a lifeline because … they're tired of potholes.

Yep. That's enough for some Holmby Hillsians to issue a declaration of independence.

To be fair, L.A.'s streets have been a nightmare in recent years — during a period of constant red ink for city coffers.

It'll really piss you off to realize that while potholes are blasting your tires and cracking your wheels, the L.A. City Council recently voted to increase the already exorbitant cost of a parking ticket.

So far Beverly Hills City Hall is cool to the idea of absorbing the northeastern part of Holmby Hills, where some neighborhood leaders are proposing the merger, according to the Times.

Good thing. Plenty of other neighborhoods L.A. are just as deserving of this golden ticket. Beverly Hills can't adopt them all.

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