Even if you can produce your own masterpiece on your laptop or phone nowadays, Los Angeles is still movie-making capital of the world.

But it's not the film lovers' capital of the world, strangely. Guess you folks who make them can't stand to watch them. Maybe that's Hollywood's problem. Anyway, the fine people at real estate information site Movoto have come up with a ranking of America's top towns for moviegoers:

The Movoto folks crunched data that included, according to what a spokesman told us, “the number of movie theaters, rental stores, indie theaters, film festivals and even drive-in theaters.”

The site says:

Each city was ranked from 1 to 100 based on these criteria, with 1 being the best and 100 being the worst for our movie lovers. The results were then totaled, averaged, ranked, weighed (more weight was given to number of specialty theaters, for example), then stuck in a super-secret envelope, delivered to Movoto headquarters by a guarded car, and read aloud from behind a podium to an office with bated breath.

Not only that, but L.A. and a few other cities got extra credit for their “special” indie theaters, which locally include The Arclight, the Chinese Theater, and the New Beverly.

And the Oscar goes to … We didn't even make the top 10.

Credit: Movoto

Credit: Movoto

Nope, Los Angeles, city of cinematic dreams, ranked 26th in the nation. WTF? The blog says that L.A.'s huge population, larger than some countries, watered down, for example, our film festival rank, even though the festivals we do have are kind of a big deal:

Because of their ridiculous large populations, though, New York and Los Angeles lost points.

Portland, by the way, won this whole contest. Portland?!

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