Los Angeles is launching its own tagger database and expanding graffiti tracking to four areas of the city, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilman Jose Huizar were scheduled to announce today.

Workers equipped with smart phones will have the ability to upload photos of tags to a system. It's called Facebook! We kid.

But seriously, the program was previously limited to Van Nuys and relied on, of all things …

… Orange County's own tag-tracking system.

But L.A. will get its own tagger database, to be called, you guessed it, TAGRS. (Cute, huh?).

The people of Los Angeles spend about $10 million a year cleaning up this particular form of communication.

So look out, bad guys. City workers have smart phones for you. (Wait, wasn't city controller Wendy Greuel just complaining about the high cost of city cell phone use?).

Anyway, the graf-hunters will expand to the LAPD's Hollenbeck, Harbor and Central Divisions. They'll remain in Van Nuys too.

In fact, officials say tags in every corner of the city can one day be inventoried.

And that means when you naughty kids with spray cans are caught, they can tie all that artwork to you. It's called evidence.

Here's one way around it (besides, you know, not doing it): Change your placa once a month. Recycle. Keep 'em guessing.

First guy who uses the handle TAGRS gets a free beer on us. (We kid).

LA Weekly