Los Angeles just can't get a break.

After being ranked one of the wimpiest, polluted and most untrustworthy, we can now add stress to the mix of reasons our city is apparently an unpleasant place to live.

Forbes Magazine ranked L.A. as the 2nd most stressful city in the country.

Really? The rest of them we can sort of live with and understand, but this is a blow.

As a city known for for its golden beaches and out-of-work actors lounging on roof top pools, for its flip-flop couture and, um, medicinal marijuana culture, this is shocking. Did they not factor in all the herb smoking?

The study's criteria used six metrics, including: unemployment, long commute times, long working hours, and this triple whammy: limited access to health care, not enough exercise and poor overall physical health.

According to the study, poor health was the main reason we ranked so high. About 22.8 percent of Angelenos reported less-than-stellar health.

Forbes found Las Vegas to be the most stressful with its housing crisis and high unemployment rate of 14.5 percent contributing to heightened anxiety levels.

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