L.A. is crazy diverse, what with our vast Chinese American communities in the San Gabriel Valley, all manner of Latinos everywhere, Iranian Americans on the Westside, Ethiopian immigrants on South Fairfax Avenue, Armenian Americans in Glendale, Hollywood and North Hollywood …

So it's somewhat surprising to discover that some of the least-diverse cities in the United States are right here in Los Angeles County. Turns out we're so diverse, we're un-diverse.

Pay attention:

The consumer advocacy site NerdWallet took a look at nearly 2,000 of America's most populous cities and communities.

The site's analysts searched U.S. Census data for towns with the most and least equal balances of white, African American, Latino and Asian residents. Those with the most-balanced proportions are the most diverse. Those where one group dominates are the least.

Two L.A. county communities topped the list for towns with the lowest level of Kumbaya:

Huntington Park (number 1), which some of you know as Little Tijuana (we kid, sort of), and East Los Angeles (2), which isn't actually a city, but an unincorporated community of L.A. County.

Credit: East L.A. punks by Jennie Warren for LA Weekly.

Credit: East L.A. punks by Jennie Warren for LA Weekly.

And why did these notoriously minority populated places become the American kings of un-diversity? Latinos!

Huntington Park is nearly 98 percent Latino; same for East Los. South Gate (95 percent Latino) came in at number 7.

Credit: NerdWallet

Credit: NerdWallet

And no L.A. communities made the list of most-diverse cities, either.

So the next time you hear minorities crying about the need for more diversity, point them to Huntington Park and say, Y tu mamá también.

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