Miami has some very, very good-looking people. In San Francisco, some folks are downright kinky, what with all the black leather garments bought up there.

But New York, land of pizza, hot dogs and bagels, is America's sexiest city, says Playboy magazine. 

The Big Apple beat 24 other big American towns to take the publication's sexy crown this year. More crucially, it beat Los Angeles, which placed second, the magazine announced this week.


After all, Los Angeles is home of the selfie-obsessed celebrity, not to mention the porn industry and the latest workout trend, whatever it may be. Here's what Playboy said in a statement yesterday:

New York took the list's top spot, and was described by the magazine as a city where “the people are hot, the sex is prime quality and the frequency is high, averaging 138 times per year.” NYC was also recognized for having “the best and most nightlife” of the ranked cities, and for having “a touch of the forbidden.” In the magazine's survey of the top five cities, New York respondents were the most interested in kink, with nearly two thirds open to experimentation and almost a quarter into BDSM.

OK then.

Playboy partnered with sites such as SurveyMonkey and NerdWallet to poll Americans on different aspects of urban sexiness, including questions about “hot locals, cool nightlife, a great setting and an undercurrent of desire,” the publication says.

L.A., it says, has a “reputation for beaches, blondes and sun” while maintaining more bars, restaurants and entertainment venues per 1,000 people than New York. But we scored low in kink. “Fewer than 20 percent of respondents are into spreaders and whips,” Playboy says.

Credit: File photo by Ed Carrasco/L.A. Weekly

Credit: File photo by Ed Carrasco/L.A. Weekly

For shame. (What's a spreader? Don't ask).

Third place went to Chicago. So far this is a ranking of America's largest cities. Fourth went to the aforementioned Miami and fifth went to — you guessed it — San Francisco.

See the whole list here.

By the way, in 2012 Playboy moved its editorial headquarters from its Chicago birthplace to L.A., home of Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion. Its editors should know just how sexy Los Angeles is, then.

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