We don't seem to have money to fix our potholes, get homeless encampments under control or ensure that broken sidewalks don't attack the elderly. 

But Los Angeles is rich.

Well, a certain number of Angelenos are super-rich. Forbes recently crunched its own estimates on the world's most wealthy people to come up with a ranking of “The Cities With the Most Billionaires.”

Of 1,810 billionaires in 67 countries, the publication says, 20 live in Greater Los Angeles. That's enough to rank us 14th on the list. 

L.A. tied with Tapei, beat Tokyo (No. 16) and was beaten by Singapore (No. 13). 

Our billionaires are worth nearly $71 billion, Forbes says:

In a city bustling with wealthy celebrities, the richest person in Los Angeles is Patrick Soon-Shiong ($11.9B). The billionaire created NantWorks, a company that collects patient data and uses genetic information in the hopes to revolutionize healthcare. Soon-Shiong graduated from high school at the age of 16 and became a doctor by 23. He is one of the 20 billionaires living in L.A. The group has a total net worth of $70.7 billion.

No. 10 San Francisco has more billionaire ballers (28) with more cash ($74.5 billion). And that's with Palo Alto vying on its own.

The Silicon Valley town has only 13 billionaires, the publication says. But they're worth a whopping $124.9 billion.

No. 1? New York. That's where 79 billionaires worth a combined $364.6 billion live, Forbes says.

We think L.A.'s true wealth is being short-changed here: How many mega-rich Chinese, for example, bring their cash here and keep super low profiles? San Marino and other hilly parts of the San Gabriel Valley are their new paradise.

In any case, with all that money floating around Los Angeles, maybe we can at least fill some potholes. They're bad for Lamborghinis.

LA Weekly