In an LA Daily News slideshow that could melt the hearts of a thousand evil dictators, we are introduced today to an absurdly soft-looking gray kitty, a lifelong resident of Woodland Hills, and his human savior: L.A. City Firefighter Mike Hayes. Behold the fragile, domesticated beauty of this moment, in which one poor little kitty from the Valley feels his smoky alveoli begin to fill with life anew:

Credit: LA Daily News

Credit: LA Daily News

In any other situation, we'd probably be inclined to say something snarky about our tax dollars at work, but in light of this ridiculous cuteload, we're damn proud to say our tax dollars went to save kitty. Right when we're on the verge of a tantrum, re: our tax returns, all we'll have to do is think of kitty — face turned toward heaven, gentle hero's hand upon his back fur — and everything will be pretty much all right in the world.

For the full slideshow and story, wherein “other small pets also were rescued” (just kill us now, will you?), click here. And try not to set your house on fire. Not every kitty can be so lucky.


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