As videos of exploding things tend to do, the YouTube clip of a Los Angeles firefighter battling a flaming beater along Wilshire Boulevard last week recently went viral — via Buzzfeed, the Daily What and general overshare.

It has the Internet rightly wondering: Are all firefighters born this badass?

Nope. Only in L.A. (Where they can also revert to kitten-saving mode, in a heartbeat.)

Fire Captain Jaime Moore, audibly proud, explains the circumstances of firefighter versus exploding car to NBC Los Angeles today:

“As you can see in the video, he didn't event flinch. He took a step back and continued fighting the fire.”


Captain Moore adds that this was likely a case of exploding airbag — “something we're starting to see more with the permutation of air bags and the permutation of stronger metals in vehicles.”

Upon uploading footage of the face-off, YouTube user Morningstaric wrote:

It happened in front of my apartment today. 5353 Wilshire Blvd at beginning of Detroit Street Los Angeles California. Car exploded and burst into flames and brave fire fighters arrived on time. I didn't know what to do with the video maybe I should call news or something share your ideas with me please.

Looks like he/she worked the whole news thing out — much to the chest swells of some anonymous LAFD badass out there. Props, man. You're insane.


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