Prepare for shocking news from a dating site that looked at different American cities' online courtship rituals: Los Angeles is superficial.

So says, which checked Google Analytics and surveyed 3,401 of its L.A.-based members to measure its users' habits. What's really surprising here?

That L.A. isn't number one. No, we ranked sixth in superficiality, according to the site. Guess our Hefner girls, BMW douches and bottle-service clubs didn't push us over the top.

We were beat out by first-place Salt Lake City (huh?), Portland (2), Houston (3), Chicago (4), and ultra-shallow Washington, D.C. (Scratches head).

That was based on time spent browsing an online profile (less time equals a higher ranking). L.A. users spent slightly more than 10 seconds to make a rejection.



Well, at least our survey data showed that L.A. has its priorities straight. According to WhatsYourPrice local daters were interested in the following attributes, in this order:

Profile picture, occupation, body type, income and age. Wow, so old, rich and good looking is okay then?

Site CEO Brandon Wade:

Los Angeles members clearly value physical appearance above all other profile information. One cannot possibly determine dating potential in only 10.4 seconds. Evidently, superficial factors such as looks and income influence attraction when Los Angeles members browse profiles.

That's us.

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