The same day Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley was getting statewide headlines for proposing a solution to an overturned state law banning body armor for felons he was also getting ink for saying a run for California Attorney General is possible.

“I am definitely considering it,” the Republican told the Metropolitan News-Enterprise. He said he has “been strongly encouraged in the last several months” to for the statewide office.

If he runs he might be facing the last man to rule the City Attorney's D.A.'s office, Democrat Rocky Delgadillo, whom Cooley has repeatedly criticized. Supporters think Cooley could have a shot, even in a state that leans Democrat.

“He has had a lot of support from Democrats in the district attorney's races,” Robert Philibosian, a former D.A., told the News-Enterprise. He “would transcend any party designation,” he said.

The current A.G., Jerry Brown, is running for governor.

LA Weekly