Responding to reports about a growing number of pot shops that offer home drop-off for medical marijuana patients, some as a way to duck the city's new law limiting the number of dispensaries in L.A., Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley said Wednesday that there is no loophole that allows cannabis to be delivered. “There is no loophole,” Cooley stated Wednesday afternoon. “Selling medical marijuana for profit continues to be a felony crime under California law.”

The only people who should be moving pot around are patients, with their personal supply, and their primary caregivers, the D.A. said. Noting that dispensaries and delivery services don't count as primary caregivers under a California Supreme Court ruling, Cooley stated that anyone else caught with pot in their car can and will be prosecuted.

“There is no immunity or affirmative defense for a collective member, a dispensary owner or a cultivator to transport to other members of the collective, cooperative or dispensary,” Cooley said.

City Councilman Jose Juizar said he wants to specifically ban pot delivery in L.A. with an amendment to the city's restrictive new dispensary ordinance. Hearing the D.A., it sounds like he doesn't really have to.

LA Weekly