The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health this week touted a study that concluded L.A. county has “one of the lowest per capita death rates in the state, ranking 14th out of the state's 58 counties,” according to a statement from the department.

“This report underscores that our collective efforts to improve residents' health at the local level are having a positive impact,” stated department director Jonathan E. Fielding.

However, L.A. County ranked high in fatal heart disease (ranking 11th statewide) and diabetes (13th), although it did comparatively well when it comes to strokes (more than three percentage points better than the state average) and cancer (beating the state average by more than 10 percentage points).

L.A. still has the state's fifth highest per-capita homicide rate.

“As the report shows, Los Angeles County continues to have above average rates of death due to diabetes, coronary heart disease, and specific vaccine-preventable illnesses such as influenza and pneumonia,” Fielding states. “Regrettably, we also have among the highest homicide rates in the state. We will continue to actively advocate for vaccinations, smoke-free environments, physical activity and healthy eating, and will continue education on simple lifestyle changes that can lead to longer and more fulfilling lives. Also, curbing violence is a shared priority of many parts of government and the private sector; we need to break the chain of violence, of which homicide is only the most visible part.”

LA Weekly