The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors wants the state to stop releasing gang members from California prisons early.

The board voted unanimously this week to ask the state legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to “amend the criteria for the non-revocable parole program so that known membership in a street gang will disqualify an individual,” according to a statement from Supervisor Don Knabe.

State officials, including Schwarzenegger, of course, deny that there's any early release program happening in order save cash and trim the population of California's overcrowded prisons. They call the placement of thousands of prisoners on “non-revocable parole” simply parole “reform.”

In any case, the county board doesn't want to see gang members let out as part of the program.

“Excluding known street gang members from non-revocable parole will ultimately make our communities safer,” Knabe states. “Known gang members require intensive supervision and potentially pose a significant risk to public safety.”

Ya' think?

LA Weekly