Wary of food trucks that park in one-hour zones, overstay their time, then absorb parking tickets as the cost of rent, Los Angeles city Councilman Tom LaBonge on Wednesday proposed food-truck only parking zones for the city. “I'm not against the catering trucks,” LaBonge said. “My concern is that metered parking was installed as a solution to the limited public parking in business district. We need to find a place for these trucks to park so they don't interfere with the flow of personal vehicles through a shopping district.”

LaBonge cited the popularity of roach coaches — many of them of the newfangled, gourmet variety — along Wilshire Boulevard's Miracle Mile, in “Mid-Wilshire,” and on Hollywood Boulevard.

His idea would create specific parking zones, separate from commercial spots, for the lunch trucks. What color would you recommend for lunch-truck curbs? (We're thinking brown, for the color of the lunch meat you are about to receive).

The councilman also wants to “study how other municipalities have worked to integrate the new trend successfully and establish fines for trucks that repeatedly violate city and county codes.”

LA Weekly