Updated after the jump with a response from Hahn's chief of staff, who says there was no whining involved. First posted at 1:10 p.m.

We've ribbed the Los Angeles City Council for taking easy, painless stances (cat declawing) while putting off hard choices (pension reform), but in the case of its boycott of Arizona business, the pro-immigrant position of the City Hall politicos hasn't come without some stress.

La Opinion reports this week (Google translate) that some council members, including boycott co-authors Janice Hahn and Ed Reyes as well as Valley Councilman Tony Cardenas, have received death threats over their support of the boycott.

The threats are often from out of town, but that hasn't stopped the council people from complaining to police.

A Latina receptionist in Hahn's office had to take the rest of a day off after fielding hateful calls after the council passed its boycott over Arizona's controversial immigration law, the councilwoman said.

One threat communicated to Hahn stated wishfully that she should could end up being shot by a member of the Mexican Mafia or Latin Kings prison gangs, the paper reported

One person left a threat for Cardenas, too: “We know where you live.” (Actually, we all know where he lives — it's a matter of public record).

His office reported two or three reports to the police, a spokesman said.

If only the callers and letter writers knew that the council's boycott was in-name only: Every time an exception to its rule has come up before the body, it has voted to find a loophole.

Update: Hahn's chief of staff, Courtney Chesla Torres, states:

The Weekly should know that our office received a call from La Opinion asking if we had ever received mail/calls last week. We do not know what prompted it but we simply replied to their inquiries–we did not share the info or “whine” to them about it.

Likewise for Michael Trujillo, campaign manager for Hahn's recent try for California Lt. Governor:

La Opinion approached Janice Hahn about this and she answered each of

the reporters questions openly and honestly.

The only “whining” comes from those who support SB 1070's racial and

unconstitutional laws.

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