Here's a little advice for L.A. city workers. Figure out when the quarterly “sweeps” TV ratings periods are and don't engage in any of your vices in the weeks leading up them. There, problem solved.

Because if you don't take this advice, CBS2's David Goldstein might come looking for your drinking and/or strip-club attending ass (sometimes it's both).

For the last sweeps of the year Goldstein came up with the goods again:

He found a $76,000-a-year cement-pouring supervisor (cement-pouring needs supervision?) who made repeat visits to a Lincoln Heights liquor store on-the-job (allegedly).

One morning after purchasing multiple airplane bottles of brandy, the worker ended up at Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's house in Windsor Square to supervise the construction of a wall, the report claims


CBS2 even captured the man on-tape — and used high-altitude news chopper to do it. Really. This guy got punked hardcore.

On another occasion the pickup-truck driving public employee was allegedly drinking while parked.

The mayor wasn't happy:

It is wrong. We don't condone that kind of behavior. There should be consequences for it. In this case, as I understand it, he is seeking medical help.

Claiming a medical problem, which CBS2 says this worker did, could save his job.


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