The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday is scheduled to consider once again granting an exception to its economic boycott of Arizona. The first time the matter came before the council, it was put off and the Los Angeles Police Department's leadership last week miraculously withdrew those boycott-busting plans to send officers to Arizona for training.

Now the council will have to weigh whether the city's deal with Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions to run its red-light camera program is worth bending its own boycott for. The city's contract with the company ends June 30.

The company helps the city maintain red-light cameras at 32 intersections, and both the city's administrative officer and its Public Safety Committee have recommended extending the contract in the name of safety.

Administrative chief Miguel Santana says safety and cash savings are on the table: If the contract isn't extended, the red-light program could be “non-operational” for nine months during the next fiscal year while the city scrambles to find another vendor and that firm then installs new equipment.

Santana said letting the contract for operating the cameras lapse could eventually cost the city $1.5 million in losses.

The council last month voted to boycott Arizona business and travel over the state's controversial immigration law, which encourages police there to check the immigration status of suspects they stop who are believed to possibly be in the country illegally.

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