The “acting mayor” gig has been a good one for Perry, who's seen herself become the world-wide public face of Los Angeles while she handled all of the craziness that surrounded the Michael Jackson memorial service–Perry was regularly interviewed by CNN, CBS's Early Show, and other major news outlets.

Now, according to the Times, she's “one of a few council members toying with the idea of running for mayor when Villaraigosa ends his second and last term in 2013.”

Whoa!  Villaraigosa skips town for a few days, Garcetti follows him, and now Perry's thinking that a permanent stay in the Mayor's Office may be a sweet job after all.  Wonder what Garcetti, who's often mentioned as a possible mayoral candidate, is thinking about this newest development?

But before voters start considering “Perry for Mayor,” they may want to read an L.A. Weekly feature story that delves into Perry's finances, among other things. They also may want to check out Tibby Rothman's web exclusive for the Weekly, which goes into the behind-the-scenes handling of the Michael Jackson memorial service and Perry's role in it.

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