L.A. City Councilmember Richard Alarcón has been on uneasy street since the beginning of August, when he was charged with 18 counts of felony indictment, including perjury and voter fraud. His wife racked up six more.

This morning, fed up with all the guilt he must feel for allegedly having lived outside his own district (the lovely District 7, a working-class chunk of South L.A. the San Fernando Valley), Alarcón and his wife asked a Superior Court judge to throw out their charges.

Reportedly, when he first joined the council, the former California State Senator chose to avoid the District 7 streets and instead stake out a lavish plot in the Sun Valley.

Dum dee dum. Just another day with the L.A. City Council. Go-getter John Brooks at KNX news radio has been all over this one: Brooks is reporting that Alarcón thinks the charges don't take into account his extraneous circumstances.

Alarcón's attorney Fred Woocher says when Alarcón was in the state legislature, it didn't matter whether he lived full time in Panorama City or Sun Valley, and when he joined the city council, Alarcón was living outside his district only because his house was being renovated.

The station is re-running a clip today from back when the allegations were made. Brooks visits Alarcón's house in Panaroma City, catching him just as he is stepping out the shower. (Yay! Naked councilmember!)

“Hey, John Brooks!” the reporter says.

“Yeah, I'm getting dressed…” Alarcón replies, towel-tightening fear in his voice.

“We're just checking to see if you live here or not!” cries Brooks.

“Yeah, I live here…” Alarcón says, sort of sheepish.

Oops. Maybe the convicted felon should consider showering with his attorney from here on out. Also, does this mean he wasn't flushing the toilet?

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