The Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted in favor of a motion to hold an April 4 special election to fill the council seat left vacant by Nury Martinez.

The ordinance will be carried over to next Wednesday for second and final consideration by the council, with budget discussions for the election to follow.

Council President Paul Krekorian stressed the importance of the council continuing to meet, despite public pressure to hold off its meetings until the resignations of Councilmembers Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo.

Krekorian said holding meetings is the only way to address “the very crisis… that so many of the members are talking about,” in relation to Martinez, de León and Cedillo.

“I think that it’s important to note that if this council were not meeting, we would not be able to set an election in CD6,” Krekorian said. “So over a quarter of a million Angelenos who are now deprived of representation because of the resignation of Mrs. Martinez, would be left without representation.”

Neither de León, nor Cedillo have been present for council meetings and have not followed Martinez in resigning for their roles in the infamous leaked recorded audio discussion.

Council President Paul Krekorian added that the council had done all it could do in terms of reprimanding de León and Cedillo, but it is exploring its potential options should the two councilmembers not be able to fulfill their duties. The council then voted on a motion that would allow them to investigate if additional actions can be taken by the council under those circumstances.

“The council has now taken, literally, every legal step that’s available to us under the city charter, to urge the removal, or resignation of Mr. de León and Mr. Cedillo,” Krekorian said Wednesday. “There is under the charter no provision by which the council can remove a member, other than… absence from the city, or failure to conduct the responsibilities of a council member.”

The special election would cost upward of $7 million, and if needed, a runoff would occur June 27, 2023.







































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