Writer Richard Florida over the weekend posted at the Atlantic about the North America's most bohemian cities. Pointing to this study (PDF), he notes the Los Angeles is number one. Huh? We slack as hard as the next city. But we're more bohemian than San Francisco? Seattle? Toronto? Guess so.

While bike-riders complain that this is a gas-powered metropolis, Bay Area denizens look down on us as shallow fashion whores and celeb-chasers, and much of the region is occupied by a socially conservative, immigrant working class, the Martin Prosperity Institute says L.A. is boho to the bone.

The think tank looked at “concentration of working artists, musicians, writers, designers, and entertainers across metropolitan areas” to come to its conclusion, according to Florida.

Sure, we eschew Birkenstock sandals in favor of Manolos, but L.A. does arguably have the nation's most medical marijuana dispensaries, the Venice boardwalk is about as left-coast as it gets, and, hey, the Doors started here.

LA Weekly