Kylian Mbappé, BTS Taehyung, and Gamer Jee: Fans Speculations of The alleged Rumored Romance

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Jee, also known as @caelum_pie on Instagram, is an influential gamer and a shareholder partner at Sony as well as an investor in the gaming industry. While recent rumors linking her romantically with K-pop singer Kim Taehyung also known as BTS V, Jee surprisingly showed a public appearance at the PSG match on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, to show her unwavering support and steadfast dedication to the prominent PSG star Kylian Mbappé. This has not gone unnoticed by fans and has sparked speculations, particularly given previous rumors linking her romantically with K-pop singer BTS V. Some have even questioned whether they have called it quits.

The swirling rumors were set ablaze by a TikTok source known as @BTSNew00 claiming to have inside knowledge regarding the private lives of BTS members. This source surreptitiously leaked details of the rumored romance affair in a viral Tiktok video clip that ignited a firestorm of speculation among fans. The video not only sparked a commotion but also stirred fans into a frenzy.

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According to the TikTok source, BTS V and Jee had a secret date in Paris during V’s recent trip to the city that he had not disclosed and kept off of his public schedule in effort to maintain privacy.

V remained tight-lipped about his Paris trip for several months and haven’t shared any related photos or details despite fans’ inquiries and curiosity about the purpose of his visit. Interestingly, Taehyung chose to share these photos only one day after rumors about his alleged secret date with Jee began circulating on TikTok. This perfect timing led some fans to speculate wether it was his way of confirming the rumors. While there is still no official confirmation from both relevants, fans have been quick to connect the dots, citing V’s instagram post regarding the Tiktok rumors as evidence, and interpreting it as his indirect response and validation of the rumors.

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Revisiting the speculation surrounding Mbappé, it’s worth noting that Jee not only resides in the same posh neighborhood as Mbappé in Paris’s 16th arrondissement but also appears to know him personally. She was also seen at the same Hotel de Crillon in Paris where the French national team sojourned and were greeted by numerous French supporters after the World Cup final loss to Argentina. This strongly suggests that the two did indeed cross paths during their respective stays. Given her apparent close association with the PSG star, combined with her presence at the same hotel, has only intensified rumors of a possible romance between the two.

In spite of the ongoing TikTok rumors about Taehyung, Jee has not shied away from expressing her admiration for Kylian Mbappé. Just a few days ago, she congratulated the PSG star on his 201 goals award through a recent post on her Instagram account @caelum_pie. Jee’s evident fondness and public admiration for Kylian Mbappé calls into question the veracity of earlier rumors regarding BTS V.

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With all the persuasive evidence in favor of Mbappé’s side, the TikTok source persists in claiming that BTS V and Jee secretly had been on a date in both Paris and New York, leaving the fans clueless and curious about the truth behind these allegations. With no official confirmation from either party involved, the rumors surrounding this alleged love triangle remain shrouded in mystery.

It is unclear what the future holds for these three individuals, but the world is certainly watching with bated breath to see how this intriguing story will unfold.

Meanwhile, Jee remains committed to her passion for gaming and maintains a strong presence in the gaming industry, particularly at Sony where she is widely respected.

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