Kyle’s Super Duper SoCal Shows: Recent LA Weekly cover star Kyle will be performing songs from his brand new It’s Not So Bad album at the Belasco on Saturday, and also at the Observatory on Friday. Catch either, or both.

Back in January, Kyle told us of his sound that, “I’m like a kid where my interests will change from one genre to the next, from one tone of voice to the next. On See You When I’m Famous I was speaking on Ventura, my hometown, and it was very surf rock influenced. But on It’s Not So Bad, I kinda got really into R&B and house music, and UK garage started influencing me. So the sound has really just gotten more mature. It feels more sexy and relationship-focussed. I realized I want to speak on things that I’m educated on, and I happen to have been in love for a really long time so I know about those topics, rather than reaching till I rap about stuff that I have no clue on.”

He said that he makes self-help music: “I’m trying to say nice things to myself and I’m doing it over this house music. The studio session when I made ‘Perfect’ was inspired by trying to come up with a phrase that people could say either to themselves or to other people that made them feel better about themselves. I feel like so much music nowadays, even if you repeat the hook, is some pretty messed up, negative shit. I wanted to come up with a phrase that simply adds some positivity into somebody’s ethos when they say it. ‘Perfect’ turned out to be that record. It’s like an awesome, body-positive, self-help club song. People in the club don’t know that secretly we’re doing therapy with them.”

Help yourself this weekend.

Kyle’s Super Duper SoCal Shows: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 12 at the Belasco.

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