Kyle Bangayan, the man accused of making Newtown-like threats to shoot up local schools, might have just been joking when me posted his feelings on Facebook.

In fact, he says he was making a political statement. That didn't stop the LAPD from going gangbusters on the East Hollywood home of his parents, though.

It has stopped the District Attorney's office from prosecuting the case, however:

The D.A.'s office yesterday said it wouldn't pursue the case, noting that the law in question, PC 422 (making criminal threats), requires specific targets.

Prosecutors' charge evaluation sheet says not only that the 24-year-old Cal Poly Pomona student failed to target specific individuals or locations, but that he told cops “he did this as a joke, and that he got some laughs from friends over it.”

The FBI was part of the investigation but stated, according to the D.A.'s office, that it would have nothing to do with prosecution because agents found “nothing threatening.”

Did cops overreact in the wake of the Newtown tragedy?

Authorities did find a cache of guns at the apartment of Bangayan's parents. But neighbors told KCAL9 yesterday that his dad is a gun collector.

The couple manages the building where Bangayan apparently lived before heading off to school in Pomona.

The D.A.'s office says Bangayan's Facebook postings …

… state that if people don't stop about the shootings, he will do the same thing. He make [sic] references to the fact that thousands of kids die in third world countries every day and says Americans need to get over this incident.

Too soon? For sure. Criminal? Guess not.

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