Kush Kriminals Makes Their Cannabis Invasion at Los Angeles Event

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Do you like sci-fi? Do you like weed? Do you like to party? Then we have the can’t-miss event for you.

The Kush Kriminals®, a brand-new entertainment brand backed by major Hollywood talent, is celebrating their cannabis premiere with a big bash this Saturday, April 22, at Cookies® Woodland Hills.

Open and free to the public, the launch party will include DJs, food trucks, cannabis discounts, a live interactive storytelling experience, and surprise appearances from celebrities and influences. It’s another example of how Kush Kriminals is “dedicated to creating a community and rewarding our fans,” said Kush Kriminals founder, Nik Buitch.

With custom strains such as Pluto Twilight (indica), Martian Sunrise (sativa), and Asteroid Dreams (hybrid), Kush Kriminals-branded flower will be available at the event, in addition to stores like Lemonade® Van Nuys, Cookies® Denver, and Cookies® Commerce City in Colorado. Prerolls and concentrates are also on the horizon.

Described as “what if Blade Runner and Grand Theft Auto had a baby on Adult Swim?” Kush Kriminals is a new entertainment universe featuring creative development by Marve/DC writer, Sam Humphries, whose work has been seen on franchises including Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Harley Quinn. Cookies®, the worldwide sensation with over three dozen cannabis stores, has partnered with Kush Kriminals® because they see it as “the Star Wars of weed.”

Kush Kriminals is also set to make their invasion into the world of digital collectibles as well. Featuring incredible artwork and rare main characters called the Legendaries, Kush Kriminals has partnered with digital marketplace titan Magic Eden to launch the collection in May.

Even better, owners of Kush Kriminals collectables will receive a 15-30% discount store wide at Cookies® locations – for life!

With a plan to expand to Cookies® locations nationwide, and plans to bring the Kush Kriminals to life in other media, the future is very busy for Kush Kriminals. But this week, it’s all about the party!

Join Kush Kriminals at Cookies® Woodland Hills from 3p-7p, this Saturday, April 22, 5334 Alhama Dr, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

The Kush Kriminals®: A New Era of Cannabis and Digital Collectibles

The Kush Kriminals®, a brand partnered with select Cookies® locations, is breaking into the cannabis industry and the world of digital collectibles. With three custom strains: Pluto Twilight (Indica), Martian Sunrise (Sativa), & Asteroid Dreams (Hybrid), available as flower, and soon prerolls & concentrates.

The Kush Kriminals® are already making a name for themselves in Cookies® Denver and Cookies® Commerce City in Colorado.

On April 22nd they will be live in Cookies® Woodland Hills, Lemonnade® Van Nuys, and will be launching their other Los Angeles locations soon after.

What sets the Kush Kriminals apart is their dedication to creating a community around their brand. As a holder and member of the Kush Kriminals community, you will receive exclusive access to Cookies® and Kush Kriminals® cannabis products, merchandise, & more, all at a lifetime discount of 15-30% off storewide.

The Legendaries are true one of a kind characters that have been created and named by Sam Humphries himself. They’ll play an important role in the brand’s marketing, comics, e-books, shows, video games, podcasts, and more to come in the future. Sam Humphries has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including DC, and Marvel and has worked on some of the biggest franchises, including Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Harley Quinn.

The Kush Kriminals® are not just a cannabis brand, but also a digital collectibles brand. The team is leaning away from using the traditional language that other Web3/NFT projects have used in the past and referring to their project as a digital collectible. This is in line with their goal of making their brand accessible to everyone and using easy verbiage to understand, similar to the traditional web2 model.

The Kush Kriminals® are partnered with Magic Eden, and are excited to be minting on their Launchpad sometime mid May.

Holders who don’t live in a participating legal state will also have the opportunity to stake their tokens to earn points, airdrops, story-unlocks and more. The brand has already posted the teaser to their first episode of the podcast, which is now live on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. The Kush Kriminals® biggest challenge was the state of the crypto market, which is highly volatile and can affect the success of a properly executed launch. To overcome this challenge, the team developed a long-term strategy that takes into account market fluctuations and incorporates risk management practices to make sure that they are making the right decision on when to press go.

Another challenge faced by the team was finding a reliable and trustworthy team to complete the project, especially in the Web3 space. To overcome this challenge, they conducted a thorough screening process and selected team members based on their skills, experience, and cultural fit within the Kush Kriminals® team.

The Kush Kriminals® have focused on building strong relationships with partners, and most importantly, their community. This has involved attending industry events, contributing to online communities and spaces on Twitter, and being transparent about the project’s goals and progress.

In the coming years, the Kush Kriminals® plan on achieving multiple ambitious goals.

The first of which is to be in every Cookies® location across the USA, as well as other Dispensaries outside of Cookies®. This will allow Kush Kriminals® the opportunity to create a huge community around their brand that reaches across the country and even internationally.The Kush Kriminals plan to introduce CBD products and drinks to their lineup in the near future for their holders in states that are not legal yet. They will also be offering tours of their cultivation facility by appointment, providing an inside look at what sets them apart from the competition.

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