KTLA's legendary newsman Stan Chambers, who has worked at the station for nearly 63 years, announced his retirement on Wednesday.

Chambers began his career at KTLA (channel 5) in 1947 and since then, has covered more than 20,000 stories, according to the station. The announcement coincides with Chamber's 87th birthday.

“Stan probably has the record for the longest career in American television news,” KTLA News Director Jason R. Ball said. “It's unheard of in this industry for someone to have a career lasting 63 years, and he's seen the entire history of the news business.”

Chambers plans to write a book and spend more time with his wife and family of 11 children.

Though he will no longer be at the station every day, Chambers is still planning to do stories on air “from time to time,” according to KTLA reporter Eric Spillman.

Chambers called his time at KTLA “the most delightful experience in the world.”

LA Weekly