Televisa on-air personality Kristoff has finally broke his silence and addressed publicly the wave of anti-emo violence that was at least partly inspired by his “Fucking bullshit!” rant, based what some emos themselves have said, and on how widely it was distributed before the first emo attack in Queretaro. Kristoff spoke to MTV News, reportedly after some haggling. (He did not reply to my repeated and detailed interview requests.)

It's fascinating to watch Kristoff brush off the emo controversy and defend himself. He even refers to the UNAM professor who told La Jornada that emos categorically do not constitute one of the urban tribes of Mexico. “It is simply an opinion,” Kristoff says, quoting Voltaire.

MTV did an extensive report on the anti-emo violence in Mexico, starting with this clip. For more background see my coverage at Intersections. This post in particular refers to some radio interviews I've done on the topic. And here is a fresh piece on the emo bashings by NPR journalist Michael O'Boyle, in which I'm also interviewed.

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