Krista’s Pop-Classical Fusion: “Popsical” A New Way to Experience Opera

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Classical music has endured the test of time, captivating audiences with its timeless beauty. Among its grandest components, Opera transcends reality, whisking listeners away to a world of romance and grandeur. Through live vocals, orchestral prowess, and theatrical mastery, Opera immerses us in dramatic storylines. Unlike popular music, which relies on digital manipulation to achieve perfection, Opera has upheld its “diva” standards by demanding flawless vocal execution. However, in today’s expansive music industry, Opera struggles to maintain relevance. Enter Popsical, a progressive addition to classical culture, bridging the gap between popular and classical music.

At the forefront of this movement is Krista Selico, a 34-year-old rising star in opera singing and songwriting. Krista’s multifaceted career spans fashion influencing, acting, songwriting, and recording opera. Armed with a degree in Classical voice from the University of Southern California, she possesses a remarkable vocal range of five languages and five octaves. Krista masterfully blends elements of opera and pop music, creating a fresh classical experience that upholds opera’s original vocal standards. Her unique approach, style, and impeccable voice have garnered attention and acclaim from industry giants and sparked numerous collaborations.

Scheduled for release in 2023, Krista’s debut album takes listeners on a breathtaking journey, fusing orchestral production with accessible pop melodies. Drawing inspiration from iconic predecessors like Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, she delivers unforgettable renditions of beloved soprano arias alongside her own pop-classical originals. Collaborating with established pop composers and cutting-edge classical song writers and composers, Krista also collaborated on the song writing of this album, and she aims to broaden the genre’s horizons, embracing new talent and fresh perspectives. Her label and management team actively support aspiring composers by hosting writing camps in Los Angeles and accepting song submissions from around the globe.

Krista approaches her career as a recording artist rather than a traditional theater performer. Each recording is meticulously crafted with live concerts in mind, featuring immersive visual productions, live orchestras, and extravagant fashion. Her electrifying live performances are tailored for stadiums rather than opera houses. While Krista possesses the prowess of a seasoned opera stage performer, she consciously opts not to confine herself within traditional opera spaces. Her mission is to make opera more inclusive and relevant, breaking free from its current confines.

In Krista’s eyes, opera presents a marvelous opportunity to infuse glamour and refinement into people’s lives. She champions a glamorous lifestyle, offering her audience an abundance of excitement and anticipation. Through her unique musical style, Krista has earned her rightful place in both the classical and popular scenes, continuously reshaping the landscape of classical and popular culture.

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