A Los Angeles–based juice company wants to help you make your trips to the toilet smoother, courtesy of Donald Trump.

This week Kreation Juicery rereleased their special digestive formula, the “Poop Enforcer,” with a new label featuring a photo of Donald Trump. The caption around the picture of Trump says, “If this doesn't make you poop, try Poop Enforcer.”

The ingredients of the Poop Enforcer include alkaline water (for pH balance), senna leaf (for constipation), malva verticillata (for digestion) and lemon (for energy). The label says it is recommended for “bowel kleansing.”

The poop juice is selling out in stores and becoming a hit on Instagram.

“We had no idea it would get this big. People love it. We thought it would be a joke,” says Kreation Juice founder Marjan Sarshar.

Sarshar says she created the labels after hearing Trump talk about barring people from other countries from entering the United States.

Sarshar, a Jewish refugee from Iran, says she knows what it's like to come to the United States, be a single mother of two daughters and work hard to succeed in this country.

“I came here with nothing and now I have 14 stores. We’re hands-on in our community and as American as you can get.”

She says she doesn't consider herself political, but Trump’s rhetoric about immigrants is where she draws the line.

“We didn't want to get political, but this stems from all the stupid racist comments he makes. We have a lot of Hispanic workers and a lot of foreign workers from a lot of places. His statements are offensive,” she says.

With its new label, the juice has been flying off the shelves.

“People keep saying they don't even have to poop, but they'll buy the juice anyway. They buy the Poop Enforcer just to show the label to their friends and family,” Sarshar says. “Everyone thought it was funny. That's all it's meant to be. Funny. And to help you go to the bathroom.”

The Poop Enforcer juice is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and certified organic. It sells for $7.95 for 16 ounces, and is available at all 14 Kreation stores.

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