So while high taxes and (over) spending remain the mantra of Republicans threatening to shut down the federal government over President Obama's budget, the real deal-breaker could be our partial funding of Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization that happens to perform abortions.

While the taxpapers don't pay for abortions directly, some conservatives don't want to see a cent go the group. (Way to rope in the electorate with a Christian conservative issue, GOP; can't wait for the presidential election).

Anyway, looks like local public radio station KPCC (89.3 FM) is suspending its paid Planned Parenthood spots — you know, to avoid the spotlight at this time. Wait a minute …

… We've never even heard a Planned Parenthood spot on the station.

Oops, maybe this one backfired. Now we know, KPCC, that you essentially take money from Planned Parenthood in exchange for some airtime. Um. Maybe you should have just kept quiet about the whole thing. Nobody would have noticed.

In a memo leaked to LA Observed, programming chief Craig Curtis indicates that he doesn't want the station's news coverage of the budget impasse to be accused of being biased because of the Planned Parenthood connection.

He says the suspension of the spots will probably only last through Monday. You know, during that peak public-radio-listening time — a.k.a. the weekend — when everyone's on pins and needles wondering just what fantastic action KPCC has going on. (Yeah, um, nobody switches over to KCRW to listen to music. Wouldn't think of it).

Listen Craig, we wouldn't have accused you of anything because we had no idea about your family planning ways.

Oh well. Be prepared for blow-back.

[Side thought: So conservative Republicans who blame immigrants for populating the country with brown people and having “anchor babies” don't want you to be able to have access to birth control? Which one is it? Bet they wouldn't mind if illegals aborted their babies. Or are these two distinctly different groups of right wingers? Discuss].

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