Ladies have love/hate relationships with their periods. Getting it can be a mindblowing relief, especially following particularly busy extracurricular schedules. Getting it also can be a hearty punch in the gut, figuratively and almost literally, and put life on pause for a few days while you search for a pair of pants that'll button around your bloat.

Would getting your period be a little more exciting if your personal hygiene devices were as fashion forward as your handbag and the high heels that don't match, but “go” with your favorite shade of lipstick?

Yeah, tough sell, but in the off chance that it WOULD, the folks at Kotex have dove into the deep end with a marketing overhaul that hopes to eliminate the negative connotation that picking up an econo-pack of period sticks carries.

The company is attempting to give Aunt Flo a stylish makeover, but their efforts post an interesting question: where do we draw the panty line?

The U by Kotex campaign and corresponding design contest have invited women to reinvent plain old feminine hygiene products into colorful and clever statement tools.

Popular submissions have included neon shades, panda prints and shoes. (Appropriate.) We have to assume there've been more than one Justin Bieber entry, as well. Though personally, we'd rather stick a carrot up there.

Hell no, keep that finger away from me.

Hell no, keep that finger away from me.

According to an announcement by the company's personal care division, there has been a 7% increase in sales following the new look's launch, and the voting for the contest's winners is still going on.

There is actually one titled “The Funk.” Why.

The company claims that your panty liners should say something about you other than that you have a bleeding vajayjay, and marketing research shows that, when faced with a choice between two similar products, consumers are more likely to choose the more physically appealing option.

But if they really want to get me on board, each tampon wrapper would be some kind of Wonka-like golden ticket to Ben & Jerry's. Or at least a Godiva coupon.

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