Back in September, L.A. Weekly met up with New Jersey-based Jewish rapper Kosha Dillz (real name Rami Even Esh) at the Aesop Rock/Rob Sonic/DJ Big Wiz show at the Troubadour. That night Dillz killed it on stage with Yak Ballz and, well, now he's freezing his ass off in Park City, Utah. All for good reason, though. Dillz is passing through Sundance on tour for his current album Freestyle vs. Written, which also features C-Rayz Walz. Check out the Daily Herald video above for some film festival freestyle and check out the video below for “Ariel Sharon” off Freestyle vs. Written.

Also, here's a note from Dillz himself about the new tour video and the launch of his new Web site:“Hoping you're enjoying the weather wherever you are. Team Kosha Dillz is all over Sundance and wants you to know that we have a great tour promo video with a verse off the latest album 'Freestyle vs Written', which is now available now at For now, please go spread the word of and its upcoming launch.”

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