More than all you can eat. That's the slogan of Oo-Kook, a longtime Koreatown staple that recently set up another shop in the San Gabriel Valley. It's an AYCE barbecue joint that specializes in high-quality cuts of meat.

The company has been in Los Angeles since 2010, but its Rosemead location opened in late January amid much hype. Initial complaints about the inconsistent service ran deep, but the kinks have been ironed out. The service buzzer (typical of Korean restaurants) at the table doesn't hurt, either.

The pricing is simple: $24.99 per person for dinner, $19.99 for weekday lunches.

The menu has 29 selections of meat. All the familiar cuts are there: miso-marinated pork belly, spicy chicken, ribs, cheek, brisket, baby octopus and beef tongue. What sets this Oo-Kook apart from the downtown L.A. location? There's a salad bar for complementary sides. It's where you can load up on red tteokbokki, jab chae and — if you're striving for a balance to the boatloads of cow — dark leafy greens and peppers.

The venue is spacious and the grill is changed continuously. Although the concept of ordering literally everything off the menu might be tempting, be warned — there's a $11.99 charge for leftovers. Just don't go overboard.

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Fresh meat; Credit: Clarissa Wei

Fresh meat; Credit: Clarissa Wei

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