Kogi's Choice: Roy Choi's Favorite Korean Cafe, Baek Hwa Jung

Hot boiled kimchee at Baek Hwa Jung; Credit: Anne FishbeinHot boiled kimchee at Baek Hwa Jung; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Need a visual aid for your print edition? Jonathan Gold visits Baek Hwa Jung in Koreatown. (“You may have driven past Baek Hwa Jung 200 times, and unless you happened to sniff the air, chances are pretty good that you never considered slowing down. But if you stroll down Olympic in the early evening, the sweet, burnt-pork vapors drifting from the restaurant are enough to make you weep, or at least to break into a happy trot toward the source of that magnificent smoke.”) Click through for Anne Fishbein's spectacular photos and read more in Gold's Counter Intelligence, “Kogi's Choice: Roy Choi�s Favorite Korean Cafe.”

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