Koffin Kats to Purr in Long Beach: What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with Michigan psychobilly band the Koffin Kats? It’s sure to get evangelical, when these guys grab a crowd in their sweaty palms. Reckless Ones, Radar Men and Johnny Dahmer also play.

The band released their self-titled album in 2003 and never looked back. According to their bio on Sailor’s Grave Records, “The groundwork for what has become the relentlessly-touring sonic assault known as The Koffin Kats was laid near Detroit, Michigan when Vic Victor (Lead Vocalist, Upright Bass) joined forces with long-time friend Tommy Koffin (Guitar). After adding Damian Detroit (Drums) the band kicked off in June 2003, stopping for nothing. Now, with over ten years of touring internationally and over two thousand live shows, the touring trio’s current home is out on the open road.”

And according to their own press bio, “The founding lineup returned in 2016. Six years after his departure, Tommy Koffin returned to playing guitar with The Koffin Kats. With Vic Victor on lead vocals and upright bass, and E Ball Walls on drums. In 2017, the trio released their latest album titled Party Time In The End Times.”

So all is hunky-dory. Enjoy them on Sunday.

Koffin Kats to Purr in Long Beach: The event takes place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 27 at Alex’s Bar.

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