[Editor's Note: Writer Jessica A. Koslow is a USC master's student writing her thesis on krumping. Know Your L.A. Hip-Hop Dances explores some of the most popular street dances in our city.]

Cat Daddy

Background: Filmed on Venice Beach and featuring Chris Brown, the Rej3ctz's “Cat Daddy” video has over 55 million YouTube hits. The dance itself is rather odd looking: You circle your hands like you're pushing your own wheelchair, while bending your legs. The second part resembles the arms and side-to-side motion of The Dougie.

The Rej3ctz, from left, Pee W33, MoWii and Bounc3; Credit: Photo By Pierre Auroux

The Rej3ctz, from left, Pee W33, MoWii and Bounc3; Credit: Photo By Pierre Auroux

History: Since 2009, jerking has dominated the local street dance scene. More than just a series of moves with funny names, it quickly morphed into a youth movement that has spawned fashion styles and other dances, including the Cat Daddy. It comes courtesy of the Rej3ctz, made up of MoWii, Pee W33 and Bounc3, who are also often credited with igniting the jerking movement. Mowii was once Madonna's backup dancer, and the guys have been in the krumping scene for years.

The Cat Daddy isn't the first dance the Rej3ctz have popularized. When jerking was first gaining popularity, the Rej3ctz released a tune called “Reject Stomp,” which launched their self-titled step, the Reject. The Reject looks similar to the Roger Rabbit, or a backwards version of the Running Man.

Rej3ct Sam, who is friends with the group, showed them a version of the Cat Daddy dance, and they put a wacky twist on it.

As for comparisons to The Dougie, the group doesn't mind. In fact, according to Bounc3, the Cat Daddy is the Dougie's cousin. Jerking, the Dougie, the Cat Daddy – “You do all of them together,” offers Bounc3.

Learn how to Cat Daddy below.

“This is the first time in this generation of hip-hop where there is a music style and a dance style that are connected,” says Mowii. “We're glad to bring the West Coast back as trendsetters.”

Even Cartoons Do It: In the opening verse of “Cat Daddy,” Bounc3 rhymes: “Man I go to work, true winner, jeans skinny, like Squidward.” Even SpongeBob SquarePants wants in on the Cat Daddy action.

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