With Lindsay Lohan due headed back to jail after she failed a drug test that was part of her DUI probation (the lab reportedly alerted for coke), and with Paris Hilton's recent cop to possessing powder, '70s blow is back in the headlines.

We here at LA Weekly world headquarters like to take scholarly approaches to such topics, so without further ado, here's a quick ride through cocaine history:

Thousands of years ago the Incas chewed on coca leaves and enjoyed their mild, caffeine-like effects until the Spanish came and — like Prop. 19 aims to do in California with marijuana — legalized and taxed it. Coca-leaf “dispensaries” and “collectives” weren't far behind.

1886: Coca-Cola gets its name from … cocaine in the actual recipe! True story.

Despite the refreshing nature of Coke, the United States outlaws the namesake drug in 1914. People start freebasing tea.

Bianca Jagger rides the white horse during a birthday celebration at the 54.

Bianca Jagger rides the white horse during a birthday celebration at the 54.

1970s: Doing lines becomes the official sport at Studio 54 in New York; people don't think it's addictive!

"Freeway" Ricky Ross, the biggest boss (at the time).

“Freeway” Ricky Ross, the biggest boss (at the time).

1980s: By this time cocaine has gone from fairly harmless leaf to disco powder to powerful, deadly drug you smoke in a glass pipe. Columbian drug lords in Miami, later portrayed somewhat in Scarface, start killing anyone in their path. Not good. Drug destroys inner-cities but does little to take the edge off parachute pants.

1990s: Goodfellas has greatest coke-fueled scene ever. 12-steppers relapse just watching it.

Credit: casasroger via Flickr

Credit: casasroger via Flickr

2000s: As drug cartels war in Mexico, coke is cheap, plentiful and back in style. Dr. Drew Pinsky indicates to LA Weekly that coke is to marijuana what milk is to cookies.

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