The Alexandria, the historic residential hotel on 5th and Spring that has a checkered past, advertises rents of “$650 to those tenants that (sic) income qualify.”

Perhaps The Alexandria, which has long seemed poised to joint downtown's  gentrification wave, should consider raising the rent and investing in better security now that a guy with a knife has brazenly burst into a room and robbed a horrified married couple.

Police say he got their laptops, cash, cards and — this sounds particularly harrowing — their ATM pass codes.

Police call this sort of hardcore burglary, when the residents are inside, a “hot prowl,” which sounds vaguely filthy.

It must have been hairy, because this couple woke up to find the guy standing over them.

According to blogdowntown, the couple decided to cooperate and handed over their ATM information.

If you recognize the man in the photo, call Det. Alfredo Rasch of the LAPD robbery unit, 213-972-1245.

We have a call in with The Alexandria to see what's up with security there.

The Gorbals, an upscale hipster restaurant opened by Bravo's season two Top
Chef, Ilan Hall, is inside The Alexandria.

But some Gorbals diners who weigh in on sites like Yelp — even downtown types used to the homeless — say it's uncomfortably weird to deal with bad-off indigents in the lobby as they make their way to Gorbals.

And this is still a good place to find your favorite substances — sometimes there's crossover between hipsters and the H crowd.

The hotel has often been used for film projects. President Woodrow Wilson slept there just before his stroke, but the place hit hard times and became a drug den by the 1980s.

A San Diego developer bought it, seemingly with the intention of turning it into luxury condos. The developer and tenants got into a big fight that was eventually settled, with tenants getting some money.

The Community Redevelopment Agency had issued $56 million in tax-exempt bonds for renovation.

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