Holy freakshow.

We didn't give the January spree of nine highly offensive tags in Orange County much of a thought, back at the time of their inception — probably just some young punk trying to get back at the world for not giving a shit about him, or whatever.

But the Anaheim Police Department's No. 1 suspect comes as a total shocker today: 56-year-old Fullerton woman Kim Rebar Henry, pictured, right [OC Weekly].

By the way, she totally gets the silver medal for Scariest Mugshot of the Year — and the race wasn't even fair, because Jared Loughner was in it.

If the culprit is indeed you, Kim, let us just say:

We're not even mad. You're amazing. And you've made us take a moment out of our shallow, sunny day to ask ourselves some real deep life questions. For example: When one's bigotry is so far-reaching as to harmoniously douse every possible demographic with equal amounts of hatred, can it even be called bigotry?

Case in point: “Kill the slit-eye chink niggers,” sprayed across the wall of a Chase bank in East Anaheim.

Come on. What does that even mean?

According to Anaheim police Sergeant Rick Martinez, Henry was “only booked for one of [the nine] tags, but we believe she's responsible for all of them.” He can't release the exact dot-to-dot connects of the investigation, as it's still active, but we don't need a magnifying glass to see the similarities between the slurs.

Each one has threatened violence against a certain race or creed. If the suspect's not the most prolific racist tagger in O.C. history, she's at least the most inclusive: Her “pieces” have all targeted Mexicans, Asians, Filipinos, Blacks, Catholics or some mix of the bunch.

And two of those, discovered at Roman Catholic churches in Irvine and Anaheim, both spelled “Catholics” wrong, to highly amusing and nonthreatening effect. Here, a photo of the January 11 tag gracing the Saint Boniface Church in Anaheim, via the Orange County Register:

Credit: The Orange County Register

Credit: The Orange County Register

Aside from the three tags we already mentioned, two more turned up in Anaheim, one more in Irvine, two in Brea and one in Santa Ana. So it's safe to say: The lady was smooth. Just not smooth enough to outsmart a surveillance camera at the Anaheim church, which taped her doing the dirty deed.

Martinez says a community member recognized Henry in the footage — and the rest was history. (Actually, conveniently, Henry had been booked on a separate crime just the day before. So there you go.)

According to City News Service, “Henry was arrested this morning and booked at the Orange County Jail on a felony count of vandalism and damage to property to violate civil rights.”

However, there is one crime of which Henry is not accused: Santa Ana police Corporal Anthony Bertagna says she's not a suspect for the Valentine's Day death threats against California Governor Jerry Brown that reared their ugly heads around the same time in Orange County.

But uh… speaking of those… Has anyone seen Jerry today?


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