After Kim Kardashian gives birth, you might not see her bulbous, plump body ever again, and we're not talking about that iconic ass. We're talking pregnant KK.

But California artist Daniel Edwards has immortalized Kardashian's “lactiferous” breasts and bulging belly in a life-size statue he calls “L.A. Fertility.” It was quite a challenge, he told us:

Kardashian kept changing as she entered her third trimester, presenting a moving target for the artist.

The sculptor is the man behind the recent, bronze “Special K & Little Grape” statues based on 3-D ultrasounds of the Kardashian-Kanye West offspring-to-be. And he's also sculpted a XXX Octomom and, yes, Britney Spears giving birth.

Credit: 'Special K & Little Grape' via Cory Allen Contemporary Art

Credit: 'Special K & Little Grape' via Cory Allen Contemporary Art

How does he do it? Edwards used photos of Kardashian that he had enlarged to life-size scale, he told the Weekly.

Then he created cardboard cutouts of the celebrity and worked from them using foam, plaster and wax, he said.

So what was the problem? Edwards:

Basically the problem with this piece is she was changing all the time. The proportions of the belly and breasts, I had to change them four times. People would come into the studio and say, 'That's not big enough!'

Alas, the ripe motherhood of KK has been frozen for posterity. And already, just a day into the piece's unveiling, Edwards is seeing mad interest:

They don't see it as a caricature or a joke. People are seeing the beauty of the piece.

“L.A. Fertility” is on display and for sale at LAB ART Gallery, 217 S. La Brea Ave.

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