In the 1980's hit television show ALF, the protagonist from the planet Melmac, Gordon Shumway, had an unexplained urge to eat cats. Maybe on his planet they were a delicacy, or perhaps they had narcotic properties that we as humans have never explored (see also: toad licking), but for whatever the reason, his insatiable desire was a mystery to human beings. For many human beings, (by no means all human beings), we do not crave a catwich or a catsorole, instead we need (not want) a steady stream of free MP3's to jam in our earzones. Luckily for us aural addicts, legendary indie label Kill Rock Stars has given away their latest 21 track sampler for free-ninety-nine.

Fittingly named, The Best Sampler Ever, the compilation includes tracks from Elliot Smith, The Thermals, Sleater Kinney, Bikini Kill, Decemberists, Deerhoof, and Depeche Mode.

Ok, not Depeche Mode, but everyone else. Honest.

Full Track listing and some episodes of ALF after the Jump.

FREE SAMPLER!!! (99.9mb, 192k mp3s) <--- click to download


01 ELLIOTT SMITH “Angeles” from Either/Or

02 THE THERMALS “Now We Can See” from Now We Can See

03 GOSSIP “Standing In the Way of Control” from Standing In The Way of Control

04 THAO “When We Swam” from Know Better Learn Faster

05 SLEATER KINNEY “Oh!” from One Beat

06 PANTHER “Love Is Sold” from Entropy

07 UNWOUND “Corpse Pose” from Repetition

08 THE PAPER CHASE “What Should We Do With Your Body? (The Lightning) from Someday This Could All Be Yours (Part 1)

WARNING! This video is NOT ALF. It's XIU XIU, and it's as the Germans would say, superdisgusting. But strangely interesting. But mostly disgusting. NSFW, unless you work at a modeling agency.

Xiu Xiu – Dear God, I Hate Myself from Kill Rock Stars on Vimeo.

09 XIU XIU “Dear God, I Hate Myself” from Dear God, I Hate Myself

10 DEERHOOF “Believe E.S.P.” from Friend Opportunity

11 QUASI “Repulsion” from American Gong

12 MARNIE STERN “Transformer” from This Is It…

13 STEREO TOTAL “I Love You, Ono” from My Melody

14 LILIPUT “Ain't You” from Liliput

15 BIKINI KILL “New Radio ” from New Radio

16 BRATMOBILE “Die” from The Real Janelle

17 COMET GAIN “Kids In The Club” from Realistes

18 THE SHAKY HANDS “Allison and the Ancient Eyes” from Let It Die

19 THE DECEMBERISTS “16 Military Wives” from Picaresque

20 HORSE FEATHERS “Curs In The Weeds” from House With No Home

21 JEFF HANSON “Hiding Behind the Moon” from Son

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