Gay Republican mayoral candidate Kevin James, who has no shot at becoming the leader of L.A. City Hall, has finally found the issue that could turn things around for his campaign:

Rape kits.

That's right, the would-be mayor and conservative radio (870 KRLA AM) talk show host today hanged his star on this non-issue with an online video ad:

Fair enough. It's a valid concern … last year!

You see, while the backlog for DNA testing on rape kits was an embarrassment for the LAPD for a few years, the department caught up with its testing … last year!

That fact is even noted it James' own video!

So why, why James?!

Well, to be fair, James wants to take credit for the issue. In a statement he trumpets his …

… involvement as a radio broadcaster in the elimination of the rape kit backlog in Los Angeles. Despite victims' pleas for assistance from LA City's elected officials, few would pay attention until Kevin James raised the issue nightly on his radio program. Eventually the rape kit backlog was completely eradicated.

Yeah, Kevin, it was your three listeners who really made this happen.

Well, we will give you this, KJ: Latching on to non-issues is a staple of L.A. City Hall politics.

Even if you don't make it in 2013 as you battle the likes of Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel and Jan Perry, you will have certainly learned to take your eye off the ball like an L.A. political pro.

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