The L.A. Sheriff's Department is known for, well, let's just say not taking a lot of shit from alleged criminals.

Now deputies will have another tool in their arsenal that already includes stun guns and night sticks: A armored “stun glove” called the BodyGuard.

The comic-book-hero-like device will put you down with one wave of the forearm, which can inject 300,000 volts of love into your up-to-no-good ass. The device has Hollywood roots, too:

According to Popular Science the glove is the brainchild of “David Brown, a cameraman, editor and producer who makes a living filming musical acts such as Rage Against the Machine and Snoop Dogg, as well as behindthe-scenes movie footage for the actor Kevin Costner, a friend and BodyGuard investor.”

Kevin Costner is an investor in the BodyGuard.; Credit: Popular Science

Kevin Costner is an investor in the BodyGuard.; Credit: Popular Science

While Brown had a prototype within 48 hours of being inspired by news of a deadly mountain lion attack n SoCal (and thoughts of what could have been done to prevent it), it took him 7 years to come up with a BodyGuard good enough for L.A.'s lawmen.

The sheriff's department is expected to test the glove later this year.

According to Popular Science, here's how it works:

The green laser pointer helps aim a high-definition video camera because, Brown says, a suspect who knows he's on camera is more likely to cooperate. If the camera doesn't do the trick, the wrist mounted stunner might. It looks and sounds painful when electricity sizzles between its electrodes, which may encourage an attacker to back off. As a last resort, it may be used to briefly incapacitate a particularly stubborn suspect.

Talk to the hand. No wait, talk to the forearm. Better yet, sweet dreams.


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