Update on Feb. 25, 2013: Cady says all charges have been dropped. He's suing the L.A. County Sheriff's Department for what he says was a frame-up.

Of all the creepy babysitting stories out there, this has to be the worst.

L.A. County Sheriff's investigators say that 53-year-old Downey resident Kevin Cady hired a 22-year-old female babysitter through an online service on January 11.

After she watched his kids for a while (who are reportedly minors), he came home early, detectives tell City News Service. That's when the nightmare began:

Cady allegedly offered the young woman a drink, which she accepted. Once she drank it, though, she starting feeling super drowsy.

Next thing she remembers, she was waking up to her employer raping her. Via the Norwalk Sheriff's Station:

She fled the location and called the Sheriff's Department. The suspect was detained, but was released pending further investigation and results of the toxicology report.

On February 15, 2012, a toxicology report showed the presence of a drug which is normally used in hospitals before surgical procedures, and causes drowsiness and memory loss, was found in the victim's system.

Sergeant Gary Harman tells the news wire that Cady likely had additional victims. “His M.O. was to find a babysitter over the Internet,” he says. “If someone babysat for him and had a suspicious incident where they weren't really sure what happened, we want them to contact us.''

Anyone who might have had a similar encounter with Cady can call Sheriff's Detective Marquez at (562) 863-8711. Updates to come as we receive more information. A news conference is scheduled for 5 p.m.

Update: The sheriff lists Cady as living in the 14100 block of Bayside Drive, a nice tree-lined community near the 605.

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Casy was arrested on Feb. 29 and booked for rape at the Norwalk Sheriff's Station. According to the news release on his arrest, “he remains in custody awaiting a preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to order him to stand trial.”

So, yeah — if you've ever been babysitter-raped by this guy, now's the time to come forward.

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