Body Talk Pt. II (Konichiwa)
KENTÖ Loves Robyn’s Body Talk: Pop singer and songwriter KENTÖ told us about his adoration for Robyn
KENTÖ: What’s your favourite book? Movie? Album?” Why is it when faced with these kinds of questions, we feel the need to try to think of a cool or obscure reference — something that shows we are well versed in our tastes? What about, instead, breaking it down to the very root of what makes you happy? What makes you want to dance — or gets you lost no matter where you are physically or emotionally? For me that is Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. II.
KENTÖ Loves Robyn's Body Talk


 This not-so-mini album starts off with “In My Eyes” a song that within the first ten seconds gets you feeling like you’re inside of your favorite late-’80s teen movie and there’s a big dance scene waiting to happen. Later in the album you’re taken to a vulnerable place in the lyrics of “Indestructible” and “Call Your Girlfriend.” A pop-symphonic roller coaster that is sure to channel your inner-Molly Ringwald.     
Robyn has a way of creating music lyrically and musically that is simple, and complex at the same time. It’s a real skill that some of the best songwriters and performers of all time have mastered to keep you coming back for more. For me, this is why it has to be my favourite album. Not a pretentious reference, not something obscure or dark or edgy, but just something that just reliably brings pure joy no matter where I am or what mood I am in, without fail.  
KENTÖ Loves Robyn’s Body Talk: The new single “Silhouette” is out now.

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